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The Canadian Nursing Index is the most comprehensive guide to Canadian nursing resources on the internet.

We have just removed our media watch section, hopefully temporarily, as maintaining it was proving too difficult.

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Link Categories

Education (106)
Nursing education links, including college and university links
Employment (73)
Hospitals (56)
Canadian hospitals on the internet, organized by province
Humour (17)
Nursing and healthcare humour on the Internet.
Internet Resources (25)
General resources on the internet that are of use to nurses. Includes general internet search engines and other internet indexes of nursing resources.
Literature (18)
Nursing Journals, books, and other publications.
Organizations (124)
Nursing organizations in Canada and Internationally
Personal Homepages (18)
Homepages of nurses in Canada and around the world
Products (18)
Commercial products that are of interest to nurses. Including uniforms, stethescopes, etc.
Specialties (270)
Nursing Specialties, including emergency, critical care, community, primary care, and many many more!
Student Nursing (36)
Links to pages about or of interest to Nursing Students

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