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The Canadian Nursing Index : Education : Graduate


* Dalhousie University School of Nursing
Master of Nursing. Currently affiliated with the University of Calgary to offer a PhD program.
(Added:30-Mar-1998 Hits:201)

* McGill University, School of Nursing
McGill University offers both Masters and Phd level education. McGill has a unique "Generic Masters" program in which individuals who have hold a non-nursing degree, with no previous preparation in nursing, can complete a masters of nursing.
(Added:23-Jul-1998 Hits:256)

* McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University offers graduate education in Nursing both at the MSc and PhD levels for full- and par-time students. A specialty Graduate Diploma in Advanced Neonatal Nursing is also available.
(Added:30-Mar-2000 Hits:150)

* Memorial University of Newfoundland
Offers a Masters of Nursing. No Phd program at this time.
(Added:30-Mar-1998 Hits:127)

* Queen's University School of Nursing
Master of Science Degree in Nursing, with a strong research focus
(Added:13-Apr-1998 Hits:150)

* University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing
University of Alberta offers masters and doctoral nursing programs.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:204)

* University of British Columbia, School of Nursing
UBC offers graduate education at both the masters and doctoral level. Their masters is thesis based.
(Added:16-Apr-1998 Hits:202)

* University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing
University of Calgary offers both masters and doctoral nursing studies. Masters program can be either course based or thesis based.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:180)

* University of Manitoba Faculty of Nursing
U of M offers a Masters of Nursing program.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:92)

* University of Ottawa School of Nursing
University of Ottawa offers a Masters of Science in Nursing. No Phd program at this time.
(Added:13-Apr-1998 Hits:169)

* University of Saskatchewan
The University of Saskatchewan offers a Master of Nursing program with thesis and non-thesis options.
(Added:13-Aug-1999 Hits:99)

* University of Toronto, Faculty of Nursing
University of Toronto offers both Masters and Phd studies in nursing, with different focuses available in each.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:273)

* University of Victoria School of Nursing
UVic offers a multidisciplinary master's program where students earn a Masters of Nursing. No doctoral program available.
(Added:16-Apr-1998 Hits:172)

* University of Western Ontario, School of Nursing
UWO offers a MScN. No Phd. studies at this time. This is a link to the Faculty of Health Sciences at UWO, must click nursing to go to the nursing homepage.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:139)

* Unversity of Windsor, School of Nursing
Windsor offers a MScN. No Phd studies in Nursing at this time.
(Added:14-Apr-1998 Hits:129)

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