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The Canadian Nursing Index : Humour


* Al & Jane, Inc popular
This Website contains nursing and ham radio information such as amateur radio and nurse cartoons, news, free chat rooms, forums, links, a ham radio swap and shop and callsign lookup, search engine, genealogy and family photos.
(Added:22-Jul-1999 Hits:1622)

* American Association for Therapeutic Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1481)

* Emergency Nursing World! Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:2063)

* Humorx popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1419)

* Managed Care Jokes popular
Jokes about the Managed Care Health Care system in the United States.
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:751)

* MedLaf popular
Nursing cartoons - the artist also sells the cartoons on T-shirts
(Added:19-Apr-1999 Hits:1270)

* Nurse Jokes popular
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:3584)

* Nurse Sally's Homepage popular
Stories about being a student nurse and cartoons I have drawn about my experience in the profession.
(Added:28-May-1999 Hits:949)

* Nurstoon popular
A collection of cartoons about nursing.
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:2771)

* Open Directory Project: Health/Nursing/Humor/ popular
A listing of medical humor websites with descriptions.
(Added:25-Dec-1999 Hits:652)

* Rx Laughs popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1400)

* Weekly Medical Bloopers popular
Humorous medical stories contributed by nurses and physicians from around the world and updated weekly.Truth is funnier than fiction
(Added:16-Oct-1998 Hits:1706)

* All In Jest
Nursing, Medical, and Health Humor
(Added:1-Oct-2000 Hits:365)

* Humor Power
Gerry Hopman is a humorist, workshop facilitator, keynote and motivational speaker who has shared his humor with thousands of people since writing his book about humor
(Added:5-Feb-2001 Hits:134)

* QFever!
Healthcare humor and satire magazine with features updated every 2 weeks.
(Added:24-Jul-2000 Hits:281)

* The Laryngospasms
The Laryngospasms are a group of five nurse anesthetists that take classic old tunes and twist them into hilarious parodies of anesthesia, the OR, and most anything medical. Sample their tunes online!
(Added:5-Sep-2000 Hits:229)

* Twisted Flowers Nursing Home
An irreverant spoof on geriatric care. This site has been created by an RN for the amusement of all nurses. Turn up your speakers!
(Added:28-Dec-2000 Hits:129)

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