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The Canadian Nursing Index : Personal Homepages


* free web based mail for nurses new
show you're serious about nursing with a email address
(Added:27-Apr-2001 Hits:0)

* Mary's Nursing Web Page popular
a site that tries to give you Canadian information and resources. Mary is a ICU/Critical Care nurse
(Added:5-Sep-1999 Hits:1058)

* Al & Jane, Inc popular
This Website contains nursing and ham radio information such as amateur radio and nurse cartoons, news, free chat rooms, forums, links, a ham radio swap and shop and callsign lookup, search engine, genealogy and family photos.
(Added:22-Jul-1999 Hits:1772)

* Canadian RN's Homepage
Info on nursing (womens health), hepatitis C, orchids
(Added:6-Jul-1999 Hits:153)

* DynoWomyn Web Haven & Visions Galleries
A web page by June Kaminski, RN MSN. Inspirational Art and Articles for self development and empowerment, for women in the 21st Century. The focus is on holistic health of body, mind, heart, and spirit.
(Added:14-Sep-1999 Hits:143)

* Infusion Therapy Workshops
Affordable single day "hands-on" workshops teaching Venipuncture, Central Line Management, Pain Management with CADD pumps. Workshops offered in small groups on a prn basis by Eileen Koza R.N.([email protected])
(Added:8-Nov-1999 Hits:111)

* Judy Norris' Homepage
Judy Norris, RN PhD expertise is computer applications for nursing and education. Included on her homepage is information about NURSENET - the original nursing listserv and and her nursing theory page.
(Added:28-Apr-1999 Hits:184)

* Sara's Student Nursing Site
Personal webpage built for all nurses with the student nurse in mind. Extensive links, message board, school info and a lot of other Canadian nursing info.
(Added:20-Aug-1999 Hits:428)

* Synapse
A page created by Kate Dupere, BSN, in British Columbia
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:137)

* The Integrative Nurse
A homepage of a BC Nurse
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:148)

* Willy's Emergency Nursing Web
A site designed by Deb Willard RN ENC(C), a Canadian Emergency nurse. This site focuses on nurses around the globe, with a separate page highlighting Canadian Nursing links.
(Added:3-Aug-1998 Hits:251)

* ATS Consulting
ATS Consulting is a Healthcare consulting firm that specializes in assisting Healthcare professionals to "move" their Practice onto the Internet. We will assist you by providing expertise in the following specialties: Implementation of your Website Design Providing Health Care related content for your Website Maintenance of your Website post implementation Internet related Education and Instruction Health Care Research
(Added:8-Jun-2000 Hits:40)

A personal web site designed for health care professionals. Dealing with Emergency, Trauma, Telemedicine and disaster medicine. Also dealing with computer related topics.
(Added:27-Mar-2001 Hits:3)

* Jims Web Page
Geriatric and neuroscience page. Links mostly associated with Alzheimers and other dementias
(Added:11-Oct-1998 Hits:75)

* Nursinglinks UK
More than 250 UK Nursing resource links
(Added:5-Mar-2000 Hits:53)

* RN Central
A web site created by by Ann Sefic, RN.
(Added:10-Sep-1998 Hits:141)

* Support BC Nures Online
Online petition in support of BC nurses currently in negotiations with the HEABC
(Added:14-Mar-2001 Hits:1)

* - by Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN,PhD,CEN
Includes the the page for REVOLUTION - the Journal of Nurse Empowerment. Revolution is a national (US) nursing journal that focuses exclusively on the empowerment of nurses, the only voice of/for nurses that “Tells It Like It Is!”
(Added:19-Oct-1998 Hits:184)

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