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* Campus WorkLink : National Graduate Register (NGR) popular
Campus WorkLink is a resume listing service offered by the Industry Canada and Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers.
(Added:3-Apr-1998 Hits:843)

* MedHunters popular
MedHunters is an online health care recruiting agency.
(Added:3-Apr-1998 Hits:1479)

* CareerMosaic Canada popular
The Canadian version of Career Mosaic.
(Added:5-Oct-1998 Hits:1089)

* [email protected] popular
A central on-line recruiting registry for nurses in Canada, a joint project between The Canadian Nurses Association and Industry Canada
(Added:9-Apr-1999 Hits:2147)

* Trillium Human Resources popular
Trillium Human Resources are Canadian recruiters specializing in placing Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Registered Nurses and Speech Language Pathologists in facilities throughout the United States, Canada and England.
(Added:11-Apr-1999 Hits:643)

* Canadian popular
Job database for Canadian nurses
(Added:18-Dec-1999 Hits:2580)

* Canada Health Jobs popular
All levels of Healthcare employemnt offered. Only jobsite that offers benefits for the realworld !
(Added:5-Jun-2000 Hits:1572)


* Nurse Jokes popular
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:3773)

* Managed Care Jokes popular
Jokes about the Managed Care Health Care system in the United States.
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:825)

* Nurstoon popular
A collection of cartoons about nursing.
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:2921)

* Weekly Medical Bloopers popular
Humorous medical stories contributed by nurses and physicians from around the world and updated weekly.Truth is funnier than fiction
(Added:16-Oct-1998 Hits:1794)

* Emergency Nursing World! Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:2249)

* American Association for Therapeutic Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1632)

* Humorx popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1580)

* Rx Laughs popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:1503)

* MedLaf popular
Nursing cartoons - the artist also sells the cartoons on T-shirts
(Added:19-Apr-1999 Hits:1400)

* Nurse Sally's Homepage popular
Stories about being a student nurse and cartoons I have drawn about my experience in the profession.
(Added:28-May-1999 Hits:1049)

* Open Directory Project: Health/Nursing/Humor/ popular
A listing of medical humor websites with descriptions.
(Added:25-Dec-1999 Hits:709)


* Hospital News popular
A monthly newspaper about Canadian Hospitals
(Added:10-Jun-1999 Hits:674)

Organizations : Canadian

* Canadian Nurses Association popular
The Canadian Nurses Association is a federation of 11 provincial and territorial nursing associations representing more than 110,000 registered nurses.
(Added:30-Mar-1998 Hits:1613)

* College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) popular
The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is the governing body for registered nurses (RNs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario. Its mission is to regulate nursing to protect the public interest.
(Added:3-Apr-1998 Hits:734)

Personal Homepages

* Mary's Nursing Web Page popular
a site that tries to give you Canadian information and resources. Mary is a ICU/Critical Care nurse
(Added:5-Sep-1999 Hits:1058)

* Al & Jane, Inc popular
This Website contains nursing and ham radio information such as amateur radio and nurse cartoons, news, free chat rooms, forums, links, a ham radio swap and shop and callsign lookup, search engine, genealogy and family photos.
(Added:22-Jul-1999 Hits:1772)


* Canadian Uniforms Online! popular
Scrubs, Prints, Labcoats, Health Care Uniforms
(Added:29-Aug-1999 Hits:1143)

Specialties : Administration and Management

* Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership popular
Formerly the Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration, the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, is a refereed Journal, published primarily for Canadian Nurse Administrators, Managers and Educators under the aegis of the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses.
(Added:6-Sep-1998 Hits:929)

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