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* Canadian Emergency News
a 21 year old magazine that serves the Canadian prehospital medical professions. Among the features here are samples of the Feature Stories and EMS Quiz that appear regularly in the magazine.
(Added:31-Aug-1999 Hits:210)

* Willy's Emergency Nursing Web
A site designed by Deb Willard RN ENC(C), a Canadian Emergency nurse. This site focuses on nurses around the globe, with a separate page highlighting Canadian Nursing links.
(Added:3-Aug-1998 Hits:251)

* Accident & Emergency Nursing
Accident & Emergency Nursing
(Added:20-Feb-2001 Hits:36)

* Accident and Emergency Online
This is a UK site, specializing in Accident and Emergency nursing.
(Added:17-Sep-1998 Hits:48)

* Emergency Nursing World
Emergency Nursing World is an Internet practice-based resource for Emergency Nursing and its informational needs and for other emergency professionals.
(Added:9-Nov-1998 Hits:72)

* Emergency: A Guide to the Emergency Services of the World
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:36)

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