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The Canadian Nursing Index : Specialties : Long Term Care and Geriatrics



* Generation Connection Society (GCS)
The Generation Connection Society (GCS) is a volunteer non-profit society whose purpose is to develop educational programs and resources which foster positive intergenerational communication, help increase self esteem and promote greater personal and social responsibility
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* Ontario PsychoGeriatric Association (OPGA)
The Ontario PsychoGeriatric Association (OPGA) is an interdisciplinary association dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the elderly. OPGA was founded in 1974 to bring together professionals, seniors and students who are interested in psychogeriatrics and all aspects of the well-being of the aged.
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* The Alzheimer Society of Canada
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* Inglewood Care Centre providing Quality Care for seniors
Inglewood a long term care home and senior living. A secure, comfortable environment, companionship and dignity are essential in a nursing home for the elderly
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