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The Canadian Nursing Index : Specialties : Public and Community Health



* Alternatives Information
A large online library of articles, pamphlets, brochures, and reports. Include a large range of articles, check out their health section, for resources in community health. While targeted at British Columbia, most resources are equally valuable elsewhere in Canada and around the world.
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* Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC)
The Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) is the non-profit organization that represents community health centres (CHCs) and some health service organizations (HSOs) in the province of Ontario.
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* British Columbia Public Health Association: news, reports and projects
Contains a large number of text files of reports from the British Columbia Public Health Association
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:63)

* Canadian Public Health Association
The Canadian Public Health Association is composed of health professionals from over 25 health disciplines and is active in conducting and supporting health and social programs both nationally and internationally.
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* Health Canada's Health Promotion Online
(Added:1-Sep-1998 Hits:92)

* Health Canada: Child Maltreatment Division
(Added:2-Sep-1999 Hits:39)

* IV Positive
IV Positive is an educational documentary about living with HIV as an injection drug user. Bill, Lori, Ed, and Jacob are active addicts who interact with their doctors, nurses, support groups, and each other, revealing critical information on HIV and harm reduction.
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* Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC)
The Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC) is a non-profit organization with a multidisciplinary focus on health promotion and prevention activities across the province.
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* Victorian Order of Nurses Peel
VON Peel provides high-quality, client centred, community health care and related services in response to the changing health care needs of residents of Peel Region.
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