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* British Columbia Transplant Society
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:50)

* Canadian Transplant Games Association
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:28)

* Multiple Organ Retrieval and Exchange (M.O.R.E.) Program of Ontario
The MORE program is the organization responsible for coordinating organ transplantation in Ontario.
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:33)

* The Clinical Trials Program
The Clinical Trials Program designs and conducts clinical research and industry-sponsored clinical trials in renal and cardiac transplantation, and renal disease.
(Added:15-Feb-2000 Hits:32)

* Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide is a project for the collection of the HLA phenotypes of volunteer bone marrow donors and cord blood units, and for the coordination of their worldwide distribution. Participants are 40 bone marrow donor registries from 34 countries, and 16 cord blood registries from 12 countries.
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:21)

* CenterSpan
An excellent site for professional information about transplantation. A joint project of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplant Physicians.
(Added:18-Apr-1999 Hits:25)

* The Coalition on Donation
The Coalition on Donation is a not-for-profit alliance of local coalitions and national US organizations who have joined forces to promote organ and tissue donation.
(Added:29-Oct-1998 Hits:27)

* Transplant: A Mother's Perspective
A page created by a heart transplant recipientsí mother. An excellent source of consumer targeted information about transplantation. Includes her sonís touching story.
(Added:3-Jan-1999 Hits:41)

* TransWeb
(Added:8-Oct-1998 Hits:28)

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